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Setting a new standard in football video games, Backbreaker rushes the genre with a new playbook for hard-hitting action.  Players take control of an unmatched on-field experience boasting realistic, physics-based AI for an endless variety of unique sacks and tackles, making canned animations a last-season memory. With crisp high‚Äźdefinition graphics and a third-person camera angle that follows the perspective of the ball handler, Backbreaker puts players in the heart of the game. Rookies can easily pick-up-and-play thanks to Backbreakers intuitive Arcade Mode control scheme, while veteran players can enjoy the games more difficult Pro Mode that turns off AI assists. Featuring 11 versus 11 matches, Backbreaker also boasts online multiplayer for up to four players and split-screen multiplayer modes. With total team customization, players can create their own rosters and adjust their teams colors, logos and more.  Going on the offense from kickoff to end zone, Backbreaker is how football was meant to be played on next-gen consoles.

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