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Rock Band Pro DLC Comes at a Premium, Song Exporting Confirmed

It won't be long now until wannabe musicians have a chance to prove their chops with Rock Band 3's Pro mode. The new setting will include actual finger placements and strumming patterns for guitarists and bassists, as well as enhanced drums to make the whole band setting decidedly more realistic. As it turns out though, players looking to download new Pro-compatible songs in the future may have to pay extra, as Harmonix looks to recoup the extra costs associated with preparing and charting such songs. More after the break. Read More


Mythos is Reborn

Mythos is Reborn Redbana US Launches Updated Teaser Site Detailing Several New Additions to the Highly Anticipated Dungeon-Crawling MMO Redbana US Co Read More


Rock Band 2 Patched on 360, PS3 Coming Soon

The Beatles: Rock Band may be Harmonix's newest hit, but that hasn't stopped them from continuing to work on their breakthrough release. In a post on the Rock Band 2 forums, Dan Teasdale, the game's Lead Designer, reveals that a new patch for the game has been released, adding some new features to the already feature-packed rhythm game. Most importantly, the patch adds compatibility to Microsoft's Xbox 360 Wireless Microphones, such as the one for use with Lips. What's more, the improved hammer-on-pull-off controls seen in The Beatles: Rock Band have been added into Rock Band 2, as well as a way to "Sort by Stars" in Quickplay mode, ordering songs based on how you previously ranked on them. Players can also finally download songs purchased from the Rock Band Music Store in the background, and Rock Band Network users can test out their uploaded tracks in the new "Audition Mode" However, it looks like all this good stuff is only for the 360 right now, as the PS3 version is still going through Sony's certification process. For now, hit the jump to see the full list of updates. Read More


PlayStation Looking for Game Tester in a New Way

Ever wanted to be a video game tester? Sony is going to give people a chance on the upcoming PlayStation Network reality TV show called "The Tester." They are currently holding a casting call for contestants, but be warned, this is not for the weak of game: A group of around a dozen people (final number to be determined) will be moved into a house near Sony's PlayStation testing facilities in San Diego, where they will compete for the grand prize: a contract position in the Quality Assurance department for Sony Computer Entertainment America. Tests will range from networked titles such as first-person shooters to getting the highest score in a title, to getting as far as you can in a set time, and more. More details and how to participate after the cut. Read More


Nintendo Download - 5.25.09: Pop-Powered Adventures Bubble Up Through the Clay

Last week, Nintendo celebrated its 300th Virtual Console release with The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, a tough act to follow. And despite Nintendo's reputation when it comes to their weekly updates, the following week... doesn't look bad at all, really. Okay, so DSi seems a little week, unless you're into American Idol, as GameLoft has American Popstar: Road to Celebrity for 800 points, and the 200 point Photo Clock, while functional, probably won't occupy your time for very long. Read More


Search Expands to Online for Real-Life Duke Nukem

The Duke Nukem franchise hasn't been having the best of luck lately, with 3D Realms closing and not knowing the fate of Duke Nukem Forever. Well, there is a glimmer of good news for Duke fans, earlier this year we mentioned that Apogee Software is conducting a contest to find a real-life Duke Nukem. Well it looks like no matter where you are you have a chance, Deep Silver Inc. and Apogee Software have expanded their search for the real-life Duke Nukem from 3 cities to an online audition. Hit the jump for the press release. Read More