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Audiosurf News

Konami's Rock Revolution Set to Play a Tune You've Probably Heard Before

Konami's Rock Revolution Set to Play a Tune You've Probably Heard Before

I love rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band (and Audiosurf!), but this is getting more than a little ridiculous. Rock Band did it first, then Guitar Hero decided to become its adoring groupie, pantomiming Rock Band's every move, and now Konami's clambering onto the stage with Rock Revolution this fall. Crafted by SingStar developer Zoë Mode, Rock Revolution looks to be a natural evolution of Konami's bemani series of music games -- more specifically, GuitarFreaks and DrumMania. Its Xbox 360/PS3 incarnation will include: * 40 songs on the disc, with DLC tracks planned * Record your own songs in a "Jam Session" (8 separate tracks) * Online co-op, versus, and battle of the bands modes * Crazy big drum set with six pads, plus pedal In addition, the Wii version will allow aspiring, er, musicians to flail their Wii-motes and Nunchaku to the glorious wails of the guitar. Last, but not least, in what'll likely leave you blushing bright red in public, the DS version of the Rock Revolution will allow you to sing into the console's microphone. Suddenly, Accordion Hero doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Now, knowing Konami's musical pedigree, I'm sure this game will be spectacular. Frankly, I'm just bitter about having to purchase a third set of drums. Peep the trailer after the break. Read More

kombo May 15, 2008 | Comments
Audiosurf-ing on Steam

Audiosurf-ing on Steam

Audiosurf-ing on Steam IGF Front-Runner Now Available for Pre-Purchase, Includes Orange Box Soundtrack Audiosurf, Dylan Fitterer's innovative new tit Read More

jkdmedia Sep 27, 2011 | Comments