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ATV Quad Kings immerses the player in the world of ATV motocross racing where aggressive driving skills are needed to become the number one ATV rider. There is nowhere to hide– its dirty, fast, and furious racing! Travel across the globe from the USA to Australia to compete in 18 incredible high adrenaline races in 9 breathtaking locations and that’s not all…. perform daring tricks and catch big air to increase your skills and earn extra money!

ATV Quad Kings - NDS Review

ATV games have come and gone, some being more memorable than others. Some have tried new control schemes, while others paired up ATVs with other vehicles. One thing is for certain, ATV games are mostly about speed, high jumps, and stunts. So what happens when you strip these elements out of an ATV game? You end up with ATV Quad Kings from Storm City Games.ATV Quad Kings is as bare bones as a game can possibly get. There are three modes in total; World Cup, which is the career mode, Arcade, which is free play with unlocked tracks, and Time Trial which lets players set the best records for each track. While these modes are usually standard, the career mode doesn’t stand out on its own, and is really only there to unlock different tracks.World Cup mode starts you off in the Beginner series... Read Review

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    ATV Quad Kings review

    Mike Splechta Apr 28, 2010