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In ASTRO BOY: THE VIDEO GAME, players become the iconic hero, Astro Boy, and take to the streets and skies on an epic adventure to save Metro City from the clutches of the evil President Stone and his robot army. Utilizing Astro

Astro Boy: The Video Game Review

I’m not the least bit surprised if a game based on a newly released movie or is a tie-in story related to a theatrical release turns out to be a horrible gaming experience and a shameless way to rake in extra cash. Then again, a very rare few movie-based games actually surprised us with fun gameplay elements that made it worth buying. Unfortunately, Astro Boy The Video game had the making of one of those pleasant surprises but ends up being just another disappointment with a few retro-styled fun moments.  Astro Boy takes flight The game’s main story mode follows the story straight out of the film including cut scenes that look like they came directly from the film’s animation. In the story, a scientific genius and head of the Ministry of Science named Doctor... Read Review

Astro Boy: The Video Game Cheats


Change Costume R, Up, L, Up, Down, R
Disable Super L, L, R, R, L, Left
Infinite Dashes R, R, L, R, Left, Up
Infinite Super left, L, right, L, up, and down
Invincibility Up, Down, Down, Up, L, R
Max Skills Left, Left, R, Down, Down, L