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Dave Matthews, Kid Rock, Clapton on Board with Power Gig's Real Guitar

Music games may be on their way out. Rock Band's keytar, though mostly shrouded in mystery, seems somewhat misguided, and Guitar Hero's swappable plastic guitar bodies kind of miss the point. What's an aspiring fake musician to do? Seven45 Studios, developer of the upcoming Power Gig, may have the solution. They're trying to turn fake musicians into real musicians, much moreso than any other music game developer to date. Their brand new peripheral- which is an honest to god, fully functional 6-string guitar- should allow for the most realistic music game experience ever, as well as ensure that musicians everywhere stop all that bitching about "those damn teenagers." News has arrived of Power Gig's first official licensing deals, and if the three artists who've jumped on board are any indication, Power Gig may well be on its way to revitalizing a dying genre. Hit the jump to read more. Read More


Media: Chime - Non-Profit Publishers Announces First Game for Xbox LIVE Arcade

It is often said that game developers and publishers are only in this business to make a profit, but OneBigGame is one company which is out to prove itself the exception to the rule. Today, the non-profit company announced their first title, Chime: an Xbox LIVE Arcade game created pro bono by the developers at music game specialist Zoë Mode. It is described as a block puzzle game with unique music creation elements featuring contributions from famous musicians. Read More