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Art of Fighting Anthology Cheats

Hint: Mr. Big's sunglasses

Unlock Playstation 2
It is possible to knock Mr. Big's sunglasses off. However it can only be done in versus mode. To do it you must use King. In the second round do her "Mirage Dance" on Big to K.O. him, and his sunglasses will fly off his head. John is also able to knock Mr. Big's glasses off. To do so, do John's fast combo (Down, Down/Forward, Forward + B on a six-button controller) in versus mode.


Unlock Playstation 2
There are 4 pad configurations so buttons applied depend on this (he just put the arcade buttons). There are no hold C + A or C + B moves. All characters can charge spirit. Ryo and Robert's (with 1/4-life left and 3/4 spirit-charge) "Final Rush Attack" is done (facing right and with default pad Conf. A): D, DF, F + B~A. In a 6-button Conf. D it would be D, DF, F + A~X. Ryo and Robert's Shin Kick is A + B (or A+X) King's shirt does not rip apart after being finished by a special move. Everybody's B + C move in arcade is A + B, or A + X (6-button) Everybody else's moves are the same as long as you can translate the arcade button configuration into the Genesis configuration. Ryo's and Robert's "fast hands" and "fast feet" is actually F, B, F, B + A (or X or Y in 6-button). An interesting point is that you can put out any fireball if you just punch it before it is on you (the CPU does it all the time) even the Big "Super Death Blow" fireball.

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Unlock Playstation 2
Start a game in Story Mode. Press Select to pause the game. Then press Up, X, Left, Y, Down, B, Right, A, L, Y. Press Select to unpause and you will see the ending.