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Army of TWO The Devil's Cartel is the third game in EA's Army of Two franchise. In it, players take on the roles of two mercenaries working for Trans World Operations (TWO) to protect a local Mexican politician from the drug cartels running wild in that country. Developed by Visceral Games, the award-winning creators of Dead Space, Army of TWO The Devil's Cartel delivers an immersive and unique 3rd-person co-op action-shooter that's built on the new Frostbite 2 engine for maximum destruction. You and your partner must shoot and destroy anything in your path to take down a violent drug cartel that's taken over Mexico. In gripping partner-based missions, each player must tackle and overcome individual objectives to achieve a common goal. The more effective your teamwork, the greater the reward as the new Overkill mode gives you devastating power for truly epic mass destruction. Experience this explosive action-blockbuster campaign in two-player local split-screen or online co-op. Coordinate with your partner to take down enemies and conquer tough objectives in a gripping shooter experience that takes lethal strategic teamwork to the next level. Perform flanking maneuvers, take the heat off your partner with diversion tactics, give your partner firing cover with your riot shield, working together is the key to laying waste to your surroundings and taking out enemies with overwhelming force. The more effective your teamwork, the greater the reward as you unlock new gear and greater powers of devastation.    

Army of TWO The Devil's Cartel Review

The original Army of TWO and its sequel failed to live up to the AAA status of other cover based shooters like Gears of War. It never had that dedicated fan base that would stand in line at midnight, the night of its release, only for the chance to be among the first to play it. However, regardless of its lessened status, they were both fun games which allowed you to play as two hilariously deranged guys with tons of guns, who enjoy killing hundred of people, while occasionally rocking out on air guitar amidst dead bodies on the ground. Devil's Cartel shifts the view from the loveable Salem and Rios to Alpha and Bravo, new recruits to T.W.O. (Trans World Operations). What's lost here is the witty banter between the two. It isn't terrible by any means, but Salem and... Read Review