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Army Corps of Hell brings a new level of vicious combat, dark humor, and lightning-quick strategy to the PlayStation Vita. Defeated in battle, the King of Hell is stripped of his powers and banished from his throne. Burned into a meager corpse, the dethroned king uses the last of his strength to take command of a corps of weak-minded goblins. He commands this ragtag army of bloodthirsty goblins as he fights through Hell to reclaim his throne, destroying his enemies and looting their corpses for equipment along the way.

Army Corps of Hell Review

When Square Enix announced that they were going to have a game ready in time for the PlayStation Vita’s release, we found ourselves playing guessing games in terms of what that game would be.  An RPG in the Final Fantasy franchise?  Some gimmicky title that would seem more like a demo piece than a gaming experience?  Or, hey, what about something with Lara Croft or Agent 47?  Alas, it’s none of those.  It’s Army Corps of Hell, a game that takes the micromanagement system of Pikmin and throws it head first into a demonic world seemingly inspired by death metal.  And guess what?  It’s not half bad. The story revolves around the King of Hell, who rules with an iron fist and welcomes all souls that come his way.  But one... Read Review

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