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ARMA 3 is an open world tactical shooter video game.  ARMA 3's storyline takes place in the mid 2030s during the fictional Operation Magnitude, a military operation launched by NATO forces fighting in Europe agains "Eastern armies" led by a resurgent Iran. 

Arma 3 Review

It's hard to think of Arma III as anything more than a tech demo. It feels skeletal, like the wood frame of a house under construction. You see where it's going, but you wouldn't want to live there yet. If you're ever played a game while in its early beta stages, that's what Arma III will feel like, except you didn't pay $60 for an early beta entry; you paid for a game the developer says is finished. What is this game about? Who is this game for? Arma III is a generic war shooter with very little point. I've heard that you get out of it what you put into it, as it does have an expansive sandbox appeal, but I don't think that argument carries much weight. This isn't Minecraft, it's a war simulator, and war always has a point. When the... Read Review

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