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Legend speaks of an amazing magical power that would grant its controllers’ desires, but what happens when such an influential power is misused? Choose from 13 main characters and 13 support characters to fight in a world corrupted by powerful magic in this uniquely illustrated, wildly entertaining, all-out fighting game. Use flashy combos, partner attacks, and high emotion to restore balance to the world!    

Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match Review

Let's get one thing out of the way: if you hate anime fighters, Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match is not going to win you over. Sure, it has smooth controls and some very nice mechanics, but it also embraces its anime roots wholeheartedly. Half the roster is clad in school uniforms, and characters have moves with names like "Don't Call Me Class President". However, if you don't mind a side of anime tropes with your fighters, Aquapazza is definitely a game that's worth your time. Aquapazza takes characters from a number of franchises, such as Utawarerumono, Tears to Tiara, and To Heart, and pits them against each other for no reason beyond "it's fun". The results are frequently ridiculous, especially when unarmed schoolgirls wind up pummeling... Read Review

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