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Based on the popular Ape Escape

Ape Escape: On the Loose Cheats

Save the Use of a Life From a Fall

Unlock Playstation Portable

This works exactly like the Playstation version. During a Fall that will cost you a life, Press [Start] then [Square] then select yes. Of course this has to be done from a very high fall (like off of a cliff where you die) in order for you to be able to do it fast enough. but it will work for any fall if you are fast enough.


Unlockable Mini-Games

Unlock Playstation Portable
Ape Ping Pong Find 40 Specter Coins
Jake Attacks Find 30 Specter Coins
Snowkidz Racing Find 10 Specter Coins
Specter Boxing Find 20 Specter Coins

Specter Boxing Mini-Game

Unlock Playstation Portable

To unlock this mini-game collect 20 specter emblems

When you complete specter boxing extra characters become available.The extra characters include the boss monkey and specter.You will also unlock survival mode and you will be able to play as blue pipotron in this mode.

Final Specter Confrontation

Unlock Playstation Portable

Capture all the monkeys in every single stage to unlock a final stage. There, you'll have to defeat Specter once more and actually capture him. The ending for the game will be then viewable.

Extra characters in Ape Ping Pong

Unlock Playstation Portable

Defeat Tournament mode and defeat Specter and Yellow Pipotron to be able to use Specter in Tournament or Training mode. (Note: Since specter uses all of the moves it isnt always best to use him because there's the off chance that he'll use a weak attack in battle)

How To Get Magic Punch

Unlock Playstation Portable
You get the MAGIC PUNCH after you finish the level SPECTER LAND and go back into a level with monkeys you have not caught.


Unlock Playstation Portable
Pause game play and press Up(6), Triangle(2), Circle, X(3), Square, Down, Up, Right, Left

Collect More Explosive Bullets

Unlock Playstation Portable
Pause game play and press R2, Down, L2, Up, Right, Down, Right, Left to collect up to 99 explosive bullets

Secret Tunnel In Dark Ruins

Unlock Playstation Portable
Locate the stop sign in the second stage of the Dark Ruins level. Push it out of the way to find a secret tunnel.

Game Shark Codes

Unlock Playstation Portable
North American Version Joker Command D00E5478 ???? Infinite Lives 800F448C 0064 Infinite Health 800EC2C8 0005 Infinite Oxygen 800F4DC8 0258 Infinite Explosive Shots 8007AB14 2400 Infinite 3-Way Shots 8007AB54 2400 Only Need to Catch 1 Monkey to End Level 800F44B6 00CE Max Gold Triangles 800F44B8 0063 Timer is Always 0:00:00 800F4490 0000 Have All Gadgets D00F51C4 0003 300F51C4 00FF Have All Spectar Coins 800F44BA 003C Fossil Field 100% Complete 300DFC71 0002 Prinordial Ooze 100% Complete 300DFC72 0002 Molten Lava 100% Complete 300DFC73 0002 Thick Jungle 100% Complete 300DFC74 0002 Dark Ruins 100% Complete 300DFC75 0002 Cryptic Relics 100% Complete 300DFC76 0002 Stadium Attack 100% Complete 300DFC77 0002 Crabby Beach 100% Complete 300DFC78 0002 Coral Cave 100% Complete 300DFC79 0002 Dexter's Island 100% Complete 300DFC7A 0002 Snowy Mammoth 100% Complete 300DFC7B 0002 Frosty Retreat 100% Complete 300DFC7C 0002 Hot Springs 100% Complete 300DFC7D 0002 Gladiator Attack 100% Complete 300DFC7E 0002 Sushi Temple 100% Complete 300DFC7F 0002 Wabi Sabi Wall 100% Complete 300DFC80 0002 Crumbling Castle 100% Complete 300DFC81 0002 City Park 100% Complete 300DFC84 0002 Spectar's Factory 100% Complete 300DFC85 0002 TV Tower 100% Complete 300DFC86 0002 Monkey Madness 100% Complete 300DFC88 0002 Peak Point Matrix 100% Complete 300DFC8E 0002 Moon Jump [Note] D00E5478 0008 800EC23E 0008 Have All Monkeys 80139368 0001 80139370 0001 80139378 0001 80139380 0001 80139388 0001 80139390 0001 80139398 0001 801393A0 0001 801393A8 0001 801393B0 0001 801393B8 0001 801393C0 0001 801393C8 0001 801393D0 0001 801393D8 0001 801393E0 0001 801393E8 0001 801393F0 0001 801393F8 0001 80139400 0001 Note: Press R1 to do a moon jump and R2 to do a normal jump. Japanese Version Infinite Lives 300F442C 0005 Infinite Health 800EC268 0005 Infinite Oxygen 800F4D68 0258 All Items D00F5164 0003 300F5164 00FF Extra Live For Each Coin 300F4456 0063 Moon Jump (Press R2 to Enable, L2 to Disable) D00E5418 0002 300EC1DE 0008 Unlock All Levels (Press Select + R2) (Caetla Users Only) E00E5418 01020003 B00B0002 00000000 800DFC10 1010 800DFC26 0010

Catch Monkeys Without The RC Car

Unlock Playstation Portable
There is a simple way to catch monkeys without the use of the RC Car. This is a huge time saver as you don't have to wait unti the end of the game to get the RC Car. All you need is the Slingback Shooter and one flash bomb. Here's what you do. Switch to first person veiw with the slingback shooter and fire away at the money until it runs to one of those little cracks. Then switch to the flash bomb and nail him. Run over to him fast and equip your net. Grab him and poof that's it. That's all you have to do. It may take a bit of practice but when you learn it it really helps.

Peak Point Matrix

Unlock Playstation Portable
To get to the secret board in Ape Escape, you must beat Specter at the Level Monkey Madness (the carnival), wait to the ending finishes (including the credits), and then when the game gives you the option, go back to the Time Station and save your game. Then, go to all the levels, and finish catching the Monkeys you missed. When you catch every Monkey, the Peak-Point Matrox will open up, where you will get to fight Specter for the last time, and finally catch him. Then, you'll see the true ending.

Rear View In Ski Mini Game

Unlock Playstation Portable
Press L1 or R1 to get a rear-view mirror during the ski mini-game.

Save A Life

Unlock Playstation Portable
When you fall off a cliff, press START and choose EXIT. Then you will go to the time station with the same amount of lives before you fell of the cliff.

Beat Specter Easily

Unlock Playstation Portable
In Specter's First stage in the level MONKEY MADNESS, Instead of using the Slingshot, Just ram the Machine using your Super Hoop.