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Apache Havoc: Enemy Engaged for PC


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East meets west in an apocalyptic clash of the Superpowers as the U.S. Apache Longbow & the Russian Havoc go head to head in the most incredible helicopter sim ever seen on a PC. * Two fully simulated combat helicopters: the US AH-64D Apache Longbow and the Russian Mil-28N Havoc B. * A 3D engine specially designed for low-level helicopter combat, which renders a highly sculpted terrain, enabling gamers to use natural and man-made features in true combat tactics. Now you can actually hover above a forest road, hiding behind the trees, out of enemy line of sight. * Sunken rivers with raised banks offer enhanced ambush opportunity. * Highly detailed and articulated 3D models, even down to rotor blades which droop as they slow. * Dynamic Campaigns giving the player many missions, and a different campaign every time. * 4 large combat zones to explore. * All weather missions, including day, night, dusk, dawn and "real" rain and snow. * Aircraft carrier-based amphibious assault mission. * Full Multi-player dynamic campaign support, via serial, modem, LAN, or Internet. * Authentic flight dynamics that will please even the most hardcore flight-sim enthusiast. * Highly detailed cockpit graphics including 30 in-cockpit views plus a 3D-modelled virtual cockpit. * Authentic avionics displays and instrumentation. * Realistic and Novice options. * Stereo Sound Effects and Speech. * Direct 3D support, to ensure that most 3D-accelerator cards are supported.