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Apache: Air Assault Takes Off This Fall

Apache: Air Assault Takes Off This Fall

Helicopters tend to get a bad rap in video games. As we're long removed from the days of Pilotwings and Desert Strike the ol' rotorcraft have been often overlooked in favor of high-speed fighter jets, or more often, as end-level bosses in first-person shooters. Well, Activision wants to change all that with Apache: Air Assault Developed by the minds at Gaijin Entertainment behind the critically-acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey (and the incredibly horrid X-Blades, but let's forget that one), the game hopes to erase all of the misconceptions behind helicopters. But will it make you want to GET TO THE CHOPPA? Find out after the cut. Read More

kombo Jul 16, 2010 | Comments