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Anna intrigued me from the first time I ever saw a trailer for it. The extremely ambitious premise completely blew me away, and since I'm a huge Horror game fan, it completely appealed to me. The genius premise lies in the fact that Anna is supposed to be able to tell what you're afraid of, and then use it against you. Focus on something a little too much and it will start to play... Read Review

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Anna review

Anna intrigued me from the first time I ever saw a trailer for it. The extremely ambitious premise completely blew me away,... Read More


Italian Officials Taking Action Against Gran Turismo 5

Another video game has pissed off another official, though the players in this particular bour are not the usual ones. A Grand Theft Auto isn't being labeled "interactive rape," and a BioWare RPG isn't being lambasted for its "interactive homosexual pornography." In fact, the game under fire contains no violent or sexual content whatsoever, though to some people, that hardly makes a difference. Gran Turismo 5 may seem an unlikely target for officials, but Anna Carli, the CEO of Siena, Italy's Consortium for the Protection of the Palio, has sent Sony a "diplomatic request" regarding the inclusion of the city's historic Piazza del Campo in the racing game's kart mode, seen in the video above. Hit the jump for the specifics. Read More


PS3 DanceDanceRevolution Details Finally Surface

Konami this week finally released some details on their plans for DanceDanceRevolution on the PlayStation 3. This is the first they’ve talked about the first DDR on PS3 in over a year. The PS3 version of this new game will have motion control similar to the Wii DDR games. “DanceDanceRevolution PS3 will feature a truly interactive dance experience via PlayStation Move as it challenges players to use both their hands and feet simultaneously,” Konami announced. The new DDR will also incorporate the PlayStation EYE to let players take pictures of their rooms and turn them into virtual spaces. There will also be an Xbox 360 version of this game, but Konami didn’t mention it using the Xbox Live Vision Camera or Kinect like Harmonix’s Dance Central or Konami’s own DanceMasters. This all comes before Konami shows the game in public for the first time at their planned first-ever DDR community event on Thursday August 12th in Los Angeles. Read More