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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Review

The Angry Video Game Nerd, AKA James Rolf, made a name for himself out of playing hideously bad games and showing his frustration toward them. Whether it was Silver Surfer, Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Blowout, or Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties, the Nerd has played countless titles, garnering a fan base that appreciates his foul-mouthed, hot-tempered antics. It makes sense that the Nerd is... Read Review

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20 Years of Super Mario Bros. 3

20 Years of Super Mario Bros. 3

I knew the anniversary of Super Mario Bros. 3 was coming-- Nintendo Power mentioned it on their preview page for the next issue. I just didn't realize that the anniversary would come so soon-- today, that is. Fortunately, GoNintendo and EJ Massa (I have that shirt, by the way) have served up a helpful reminder. How best to celebrate? That would be a good question. The obvious answer would be to grab one of its many releases (NES, Super NES as part of Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario Advance 4 on Game Boy Advance, or even a Wii Virtual Console download) and play, play, play. Of course, that doesn't lend itself very well to a website, and it's short notice for a good retrospective, so instead, here are some videos to help trigger nostalgia. First up, here is how many people first saw the game-- not on their television screen, but on a movie screen in 1989's The Wizard: Perhaps the one and only time "Mario" and "Armageddon" will ever be associated. More after the cut. Read More

kombo Feb 12, 2010 | Comments