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Angry Birds Trilogy is a compilation of the award winning Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio games plus new content that will lead to endless hours of fun. Become a Bird Slinger, Banana Fanatic or the Grinch with new HD Animated cut scenes and Kinect and Move support.

Angry Birds Trilogy Review

It was inevitable. One of the biggest franchises in the world combining with one of the biggest publishers in the world…only a matter of time.  But Activision has finally gotten a hold of Rovio's Angry Birds, and have brought them to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with the release of Angry Birds Trilogy.  Though it seems like nothing more than a tremendous cash-in, at least the companies put in enough content to make it worthwhile. This Trilogy consists of three games – the original Angry Birds, the Rio movie tie-in game, and Seasons, which changes depending on what time of year you're playing the game.  And that's really about it, as there's no sign of Angry Birds Space (which is a sorely missed opportunity) nor any hint of Bad Piggies,... Read Review

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