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Angry Birds Star Wars Review

I find it funny that one of the best jobs at making a solid Star Wars game came from the world of Angry Birds. The birds versus pigs war has been waged in space, across different seasons, and in the movie Rio, among other locales. I guess it was only a matter of time before they started using the Force to fight their battles. Angry Birds Star Wars takes you to Tatooine and to a moon... wait, that's no moon. It's a space station. So it takes you to Tatooine and the Death Star. There's Angry Birds humor throughout the whole game, and the Star Wars music makes an oddly perfect combination. Outside of the levels and music, the birds and pigs embrace the Star Wars theme. The pigs now appear as the Galactic Empire. You'll face Stormtroopers, Stormtroopers firing blaster... Read Review

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