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Media: Fable III Announced, Fable II Coming to Games on Demand in Downloadable Episode

Today at GamesCon, Microsoft made a major announcement. No, not an Xbox 360 price cut or a new SKU; rather, a new installment in Lionhead Studios' Fable franchise, Fable III: Video Games | Fable 3 | GC 09: Debut TrailerXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii The game is slated to arrive in the 2010 holiday season, and while there are no screens of the game yet, there is some new artwork which we have added to our gallery. In addition to the Fable III announcement, Microsoft revealed that Fable II will be released in episodic installments on Xbox LIVE Games on Demand come September 29th. "The episodes are also fully compatible with the disk-based, retail version of "Fable II," allowing players to enter Albion and continue their story should they purchase "Fable II" at retail," says the press release. "All editions of the game offer cooperative play with friends on the same couch as well as on Xbox LIVE." Click for the full press release, and to see the new artwork. Read More


Updated: Is the Joke on Microsoft? Sony Boasts Exclusive Playable Joker in New Batman

Update: And with an incredible sense of timing, the press release regarding this very topic arrives. Find it after the article. Original Story: Batman is not a flashy superhero. Despite the tights, the awesome car, and the brightly-clad meat shield sidekick, his dominion is the shadows, with stealth acting as one of his greatest tools. And it is upon this premise that Batman: Arkham Asylum's gameplay seems to be built. Meanwhile, the Joker is the complete antithesis of the Batman; where the Dark Knight prefers the shadows, the Clown Prince of Crime prefers the spotlight. Whereas Batman will take down an army of foes without ever being seen, Joker is just as likely to ask for the manager of a fast food restaurant so he can shoot him in the drive-thru for shoddy service. It's hard to imagine, then, that using the Joker would be anything like using the Batman in their upcoming video game showdown. And yet, via exclusive challenge rooms, that's precisely what Sony is promising PlayStation 3 owners: Loud, unruly anarchy that will no doubt contrast with the main game's silent sense of order. Read More