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Cheats for America's Army

Skip Training Levels

  • PC
  • code
If you're stuck on one of the training levels, here's how to get yourself qualified to play all the online missions: 1 Open the C:\Program Files\Army Operations\System\tours.ini (if you installed the game to a different folder, change accordingly) file using notepad. 2 Find the following lines: Dependency(0)=-1 Dependency(1)=0 Dependency(2)=1 Dependency(3)=1 Dependency(4)=1 Dependency(5)=1 Dependency(6)=5 Dependency(7)=1 Dependency(8)=7 3 Remove those lines, and replace them with the following: Dependency(0)=-1 Dependency(1)=-1 Dependency(2)=-1 Dependency(3)=-1 Dependency(4)=-1 Dependency(5)=-1 Dependency(6)=-1 Dependency(7)=-1 Dependency(8)=-1 4 Now find these lines: TourSeq(0)=1 TourSeq(1)=0 TourSeq(2)=0 TourSeq(3)=0 TourSeq(4)=1 TourSeq(5)=1 TourSeq(6)=0 TourSeq(7)=1 TourSeq(8)=0 5 Remove those, and replace them with the following: TourSeq(0)=0 TourSeq(1)=0 TourSeq(2)=0 TourSeq(3)=0 TourSeq(4)=0 TourSeq(5)=0 TourSeq(6)=0 TourSeq(7)=0 TourSeq(8)=0 6 Save the file, and start Army Operations!