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Ubisoft and the U.S. Army will develop and publish games based on the U.S. Army's industry leading America's Army game. This historic agreement marks the first time that the U.S. Army has ever exclusively licensed its brand to a game maker and will dramatically expand the reach of America's Army to the vast console game market.

America's Army Cheats

If you're stuck on one of the training levels, here's how to get yourself qualified to play all the online missions: 1 Open the C:\Program Files\Army Operations\System\tours.ini (if you installed the game to a different folder, change accordingly) file using notepad. 2 Find the following lines: Dependency(0)=-1 Dependency(1)=0 Dependency(2)=1 Dependency(3)=1 Dependency(4)=1 Dependency(5)=1 Dependency(6)=5 Dependency(7)=1 Dependency(8)=7 3 Remove those lines, and replace them with the following: Dependency(0)=-1 Dependency(1)=-1 Dependency(2)=-1 Dependency(3)=-1 Dependency(4)=-1 Dependency(5)=-1 Dependency(6)=-1 Dependency(7)=-1 Dependency(8)=-1 4 Now find these lines: TourSeq(0)=1 TourSeq(1)=0 TourSeq(2)=0 TourSeq(3)=0 TourSeq(4)=1 TourSeq(5)=1 TourSeq(6)=0 TourSeq(7)=1 TourSeq(8)=0 5 Remove those, and replace them with the following: TourSeq(0)=0 TourSeq(1)=0 TourSeq(2)=0 TourSeq(3)=0 TourSeq(4)=0 TourSeq(5)=0 TourSeq(6)=0 TourSeq(7)=0 TourSeq(8)=0 6 Save the file, and start Army Operations!