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Valkyria Chronicles II Announced for North America

Valkyria Chronicles II Announced for North America

Sega today officially announced the PSP sequel to Valkryia Chronicles for North America. Valkyria Chronicles II is set for a summer 2010 release. Sega's official blog confirms that Valkyria Chronicles II will have players fighting a civil war taking place two years after the first game. Sega promises that the lines between friend and enemy will not be so distinct in the sequel. After the small country of Gallia successfully defends itself against the Empire in a great war, a Gallian Revolutionary Army conducts a coup, heavily armed with the best equipment and soldiers. Because the characters from the original Vaklyria Chronicles have moved on with lives and families of their own, the Gallian government must now depend on up-and-coming students of the Gallian Military Academy. Sega made the North American announcement for Valkyria Chronicles II with a short trailer only showing shots from the game's anime cut scenes. Read More

kombo Sep 16, 2009 | Comments
Heavy Metal: #4

Heavy Metal: #4

A weekly look at the unanswered questions of and theories on the Metal Gear Solid universe, as they relate to Metal Gear Solid 4. Read More

kombo Apr 14, 2008 | Comments