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Go on! Do it! Spend those points! Hurry up!: time is of the essence. Someone has to take care of all those zombies and who better to do that than a gifted gamer like yourself! Think - in a short while - you could be blasting your way through ranks of brain-hungry monsters, making bizarre weapons and completing crazy quests. All that could be yours if you just buy the game! Remember, All Zombies Must Die! We need you!

All Zombies Must Die! Review

Another year, another game that gives you the opportunity to kill the undead.  Many publishers have tried their hand at a twin stick shooter that lets you take on zombie hordes, including Sony (Dead Nation), Konami (Zombie Apocalypse) and, of course, Valve (Left 4 Dead).  Now entering the fray is Square Enix, whose All Zombies Must Die!, developed by Doublesix, takes a more comical approach.  It features four vitally unique characters that must stand together to take on the sudden zombie apocalypse.  It’s fun, but there are some shortcomings you must expect. Throughout each stage of AZMD, you’ll find yourself given the opportunity to pick up ammunition for your weapon of choice, though you can also fend off zombies using your bare fists or a... Read Review

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    All Zombies Must Die! Review

    Robert Workman Jan 7, 2012