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Kombo's Weekly Round-Up: TGS 2010, Halo: Reach, Move, and More!

It was a busy week here at Kombo thanks to the Tokyo Game Show, which is trying to make a comeback from obscurity, and as a result, was filled with announcements from Japanese game developers, including the BIZZARRE announcement that Yakuza 4 will be a zombie game. Yeah, figure that one out.  We also got our hands on Sony's Move for the PlayStation 3, and have several reviews up for the launch games.  And, of course, there was the release of Halo: Reach, which apparently was a huge success, with $200 million in sales on day one. Unfortunately, 90% of those purchasers are still whiny little teenage boys, but with a new auto-mute feature for truly annoying players, Reach's online gameplay is better than ever.  Check out this week's news after the break and get caught up. There's a lot here, folks, because as usual, we cover everything that matters. Read More


Realtime Worlds to Swindled Customers: Not Our Problem

It's always a danger when purchasing an MMO that some day, the game's servers will be shut down, rendering it unplayable and useless as anything besides a coaster for drinks (or, if it's a digital copy, as something to take up valuable hard drive space for no reason). But while most MMO players are worried about their games being shut down in five or ten years, few consider the possibility that the game they just blew 50 bucks on will be obsolete and unusable in a matter of mere months. That's what happened to hopeful purchasers of Realtime World's All Points Bulletin, though, and the now defunct developer's administrator in their demise wants to let fans of their game know that it's not their problem, and they're certainly not going to get a refund. Hit the jump to find out what they said. Read More


APB: All Points Bulletin is Closing Down

  Sad news; Realtime Worlds has decided to shut down their MMO game APB: All Points Bulletin. Realtime Worlds has been in the news recently due to their studios unstable financial situation. They have been shedding jobs and closing down their Coloradio studio. The news turned for the better when info leaked that Realtime Worlds or some of its properties were being bought out, which would save many of the remaining jobs at the studio.  Well, despite that (or possibly because of that) APB has fallen. The image above is from the game's official website where Ben Bateman, the game's Community Officer, has announced APB will be coming to a pre-mature end.  Read More


Kombo Talks with Realtime Worlds' Chris Collins about APB on Consoles

At PAX East 2010, I sat down with Realtime World's Community Manager, Chris Collins, to discuss their highly-anticipated PC title, All Points Bulletin and the possibility of it coming to consoles. The game, which has been delayed for months at this point, has been called "the bastard child of everything we've been striving towards over the 15-20 years" by Realtime Worlds, is slated for a release in the coming months. Hit the cut to read the interview, and find out what we think about the possibility of APB coming to the 360 or PS3. Read More


All Points Bulletin Not Coming to the PS3?

While gamers clamor for a new installment of Crackdown, Realtime Worlds is slaving away at another open world game -- one in which you'll witness the gritty, crime-infested streets without being aerial half the time. The game is All Points Bulletin, releasing in 2009 on the PC, Xbox 360, and maybe the PS3. Up until this point, gamers and the press alike had considered it a given that APB would find a nice, spacious home on the PS3, but while talking with, Colin MacDonald of Realtime Worlds wouldn't commit. "Yes, we'll be looking seriously at it, but that doesn't mean it's going ahead, and it doesn't mean it's not going ahead," MacDonald said in response to a news story alleging, among other things, that a PS3 version of APB was in development. So will PS3 gamers have a chance to strap on their blinged-out clothes, slide into a pimped-out car, and roll the streets with eerily realistic (and blingin') versions of Shigeru Miyamoto and Peter Molyneux? We don't know, but our hearts say, "maybe." Read More