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Game Summary

In Alien Syndrome, players will take control of the game's strong and enigmatic heroine

Alien Syndrome Cheats

Unlock Expert Difficulty Beat the game on Hard Difficulty.
Unlock Hard Difficulty Beat the game on Normal Difficulty.

Level select

Press Down + Start on controller one and Right on controller two simultaneously.

Borrowed life

Start a two player game. Press A + B after running out of lives to borrow one life from the other player.

Extra Points

In the ships, there are rooms with Green faces on the floor. If you kill them, you get 500 points. Eventually, they will appear again, and when they appear again, kill them and receive an additional 500 points. ROUND 1: CALLIOPE - SQUIME BOSS Using the fireball, aim for the red area below the creatures mouth. As he moves, you should also move. When he is at the top right portion of the screen, shoot diagonally up from the lower corner, while avoiding the fireballs he spits at you. ROUND 2: CLIO - AARGH BOSS Shoot at him when the back portion of his body is straight. Using the fireball take out the two gold spiralling objects first. Then, stay at the bottom of the screen and shoot up at the creature. ROUND 3: ERATO - TACAPY BOSS Using the fireball, aim for the eyes and the worms that come from them. You can move faster than he can, so use that to your advantage. ROUND 4: EUTERPE - MASHER BOSS Using the fireball, aim for his underside where the worms are released. Shoot when his front legs are open. Try moving along the outer perimeter of the screen continuously firing. He spits in sets of three, so watch out! ROUND 5: MELPOMENE - HAGGAH BOSS Using the fireball, aim for the spot right below his mouth. Keep firing from the bottom center of the screen. Avoid the fire that comes from his mouth and the three balls that come from the left side of his head. ROUND 6: THALIA - MINOSAR BOSS Using the fireball, aim for the green face. The best place to stand is either in the upper or lower right corners. He will shoot three balls at you for a while and then he will spit at you. ROUND 7: URANIA - MR. MIMI Using the fireball, shoot at his mouth when it's open. Avoid the spiraling objects coming from his mouth and the balls that come from his ears.

Playing Tips

Throughout the ships there are green faces on the floors. Shoot the faces until they become white, then they will be safe to walk on. In Round 3, watch out for the holes in the floor and be careful going along the catwalks. Try to remember where the fireball appears before entering the bosses room. If you have the fireball, when going against the bosses, it will help out greatly.
Collect the question mark boxes from the ships when the counter reads 272, 267, 232, 222, 171, 161, 131, or 121. When you do this, you will be invincible for a short period of time.

Double Weapon

Start a two player game. Have both players collect a weapon simultaneously. The weapon will be usable by both players.
Shoot the Bosses when they are attacking your character. The Boss will flash if its weak spot is hit. The laser may be the best weapon to use against the Bosses. Hugger: Shoot him in the chest his coat opens to shoot. Asophy: Shoot him while he is large in his open mouth. Tacady: Shoot its eye socket after the eyes are out. Teetsie: Shoot the middle of its body. Minemor: Shoot the red part of its body. King Core: Shoot the blue head that spins around its body.

Cheat Mode

For cheats in this game, use the DOS utility DEBUG. First backup your game, then type the following from the DOS prompt: ren alien.exe cheater.cht debug cheater.cht For infinite lives, type: e e1ae 90 90 90 90 To Stop The Timer, type: e b8be 90 90 90 90 Then type: w q Then rename CHEATER.CHT back to its previous name.