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When American McGee’s Alice hit PCs in 2001, fans of the original Lewis Carroll tale and aficionados of the macabre were delighted. While the technical aspects of the game were nothing outstanding, the then-outstanding visuals, interesting take on the character, and unsettling transformation from childhood familiarity placed American McGee’s Alice squarely into the hearts of many... Read Review

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Alice Won\'t Be Violent for the Sake of Violence

    Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to an extremely twisted, and violent game, American McGee's Alice, but that doesn't mean it will be violent for the sake of being violent.    Speaking with Eurogamer, American McGee said that Alice: Madness Returns won't be "over the top" with blood and gore "for the sake of getting an M rating," but that isn't intended to mean that the game won't be for mature audiences.    "No, no no no. This is definitely an M-rated title," he said.    So what will give Madness Returns its anticipated M-rating? Read on to find out. Read More


Promote 10 Year Old Game; Stab Things Like Alice

  American McGee's Alice was a strange game. Based on an extremely dark interpretation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderlandbooks, it told a rather disturbing tale. Besides this, it was also a good showcase of the then-shiny and new Quake III engine. There's a sequel due late next year. Which sounds like a fine reason to release some merchandise for the ten-year old original, huh? Find out more after the jump. Read More


Alice Sequel Confirmed for 2011 Release

American McGee's Alice, released way back when in 2000, turned out to be a major cut hit for the PC after its release, with a huge, dedicated fanbase that adored the dark, violent take on Lewis Carroll's classic tale. Now, as predicted, McGee and his team at Spicy Horse are back, and taking Alice to new consoles and new worlds, and players even further down the rabbit hole... Read More


Alice: Madness Returns Trademarked by EA

EA has submitted a trademark for Alice: Madness Returns, which, it's safe to assume, is the sequel to American McGee's Alice. The existence of a sequel was announced this February, with the same writer and executive producer returning to the game. What could the new game entail? Read on to find out. Read More