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A mighty Celestial War has torn the once peaceful world of Atreia apart at the seams. In the wake of this catastrophic ba le,just a few will ascend into divinity and save their people from total annihilation.

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There is nothing more discouraging than a game that comes out of the chute firing on all cylinders and then it starts to bog down the further you get into it. This has been a bug-a-boo of late for some MMOs that show great potential, play very well for the early levels and then just sort of run out of steam as the gaming experience progresses. Alas, Aion, the latest massively-multiplayer online gaming release from NCsoft, falls partially into that category. The game’s pacing is great through the tutorial and even into the initial foray after leaving the lands of the tutorial portion. The game has a wide variety of quests that steep players in the lore of the game, drive plot points, and give a sense of the world dynamic. You will find quests for hunting, to combat the forces... Read Review

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