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Age of Zombies Review

Barry Steakfries is a funny dude. When he's not busy avoiding obstacles in the endless runner Jetpack Joyride, he's travelling through time, getting rid of zombies one bullet at a time. Originally released on iOS and PlayStation Minis in 2009, Halfbrick Studios' Age of Zombies is better known as a mobile game for your phone. Now it has a home on the PS Vita,... Read Review

Age of Zombies News


Jetpack Joyride Review

I collected crystals in Echoes, zoomed around planets in Blast Off, annihilated the undead in Age of Zombies, and most notably sliced up so much frui Read More

Mike Splechta Sep 3, 2011 | Comments

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/6/11

Another week has passed, and GameZone has managed to pack more content on the site for our loyal readers. This week we look at the latest reviews and Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments
Kombo\'s Weekly Round-Up

Kombo\'s Weekly Round-Up

    Another Monday-Friday has rolled by, so you all know what time it is: Weekly Round-Up time! You can get all of your gaming goodness from the week below. We've added a new addition to the line-up, so keep your eyes peeled out for the new, individual Reviews and Features sections that have been added to the standard Monday-Friday lineup of news. That way kids, you can find our exclusive content easier than ever! That stuff's at the bottom of the page. Let us know if you think rearranging needs to be done or if you like the new Weekly Round-Up format!   As for the Round-Up? Well, it's chock-full. This was a busy week. Media and gamers were flooded with news, trailers, and announcements via gamescom in Cologne, Germany.    Get all the week's news after the break! (Hint: Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3!)     Read More

kombo Aug 21, 2010 | Comments
Weekly Round-Up: 3D Without the Glasses, Two Worlds 2, BioShock Infinite, and So Much More!

Weekly Round-Up: 3D Without the Glasses, Two Worlds 2, BioShock Infinite, and So Much More!

This week is full of exciting news, folks. Our own Jeff Grub produced an excellent video that explains just how Nintendo managed to produce 3D effects on the 3DS without the need for dorky glasses. It not only was a huge hit here on our site but was picked up by Kotaku, Joystiq, and pretty much every major blog out there. A big win for us, Jeff, and of course, our readers because that means we're creating the type of content that people across the net appreciate. You, obviously, know we always do, but it's nice to get that extra bit of recognition from the big fish in the pond, no?  Beyond Jeff's video, we have Mike Rougeau's awesome two-part interview with Jake DiGennaro on the upcoming RPG Two Worlds 2, we have reviews of Singularity, Red Dead Redemption's Legends and Killers DLC, and Madden NFL 11. And, of course, we have all the news that's worth covering this week in gaming. (There's this little thing called BioShock Infinite that looks pretty cool.) Hit the jump to catch up on this week's news in a heartbeat with our Weekly Round-Up! Read More

kombo Aug 14, 2010 | Comments
More Details about PlayStation Plus in Europe Emerge

More Details about PlayStation Plus in Europe Emerge

Why all these posts about what kind of goodies the European PlayStation Network is getting with PlayStation Plus? The reason is because there are scant details about the service in North America that is going to release in less than a week. We have reached out to Sony for some clarification but we are waiting on a response. While we wait, let's see what could be in store for the paid service that is enticing gamers with many downloadable treats. We reported on the introductory LittleBigPlanet offering yesterday that, depending on points of view, could justify a year's worth of the service right there. Now the European PlayStation Blog has the full details of the content available on June 29, 2010 that will last until August 3, 2010. Subscribers will get WipEout HD , Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium map pack, Field Runners and Age of Zombies PSPminis, PSone classic Destruction Derby and discounts on a number of downloadable content packs. Thrown in the mix are some premium themes and avatar icons. Read More

kombo Jun 24, 2010 | Comments