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Lock and load with pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, grenades and many more weapons to decimate hordes of undead. At the end of each world, a massive boss will put Steakfries to the test, even though he'd probably prefer to be playing backgammon or something equally intellectual. Zombie T-Rex, the classic arch-nemesis of Steakfries, will be making an appearance after his short-lived sitcom "Dinos In Da House" was abruptly cancelled. Finally, Survival mode will put the elite players to the test as endless enemies will advance on Steakfries, where to one goal is to survive and rack up a huge kill count. Efficient blasting will trigger combo scores and chain explosions, which is obviously a must-have skill for the elite zombie slayer.

Age of Zombies Review

Barry Steakfries is a funny dude. When he's not busy avoiding obstacles in the endless runner Jetpack Joyride, he's travelling through time, getting rid of zombies one bullet at a time. Originally released on iOS and PlayStation Minis in 2009, Halfbrick Studios' Age of Zombies is better known as a mobile game for your phone. Now it has a home on the PS Vita, with a bigger screen and two analog sticks to help improve the experience. In Age of Zombies, you play as Barry Steakfries as he travels through time trying to eliminate hordes of undead. It's a top-down twin-stick shooter. The conversion from touchscreen controls to the Vita's makes the game more appealing. I'd choose analog sticks over touchscreen controls any day, and... Read Review

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