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After Burner: Climax Review

If you dig flight action, this week was full of nostalgia. You could go to your local IMAX theater and purchase a ticket for Top Gun 3D, or you could spend $3 on Sega's arcade sequel After Burner Climax. No matter which route you take, you're bound to run into a little bit of retro-trippy fun, only to realize that the ride ends too soon. Like the XBLA/PSN release that came out last year, Climax offers the kind of fun that's good to experience in bursts. It's not a game that'll last hours at a time, but taken in short doses, it's not bad. You start out choosing from a variety of jets; after that, you'll tackle a bunch of missions that'll last you, at best, half an hour. As you proceed through the air, you'll take on enemies utilizing machine... Read Review

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