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If you dig flight action, this week was full of nostalgia. You could go to your local IMAX theater and purchase a ticket for Top Gun 3D, or you could spend $3 on Sega's arcade sequel After Burner Climax. No matter which route you take, you're bound to run into a little bit of retro-trippy fun, only to realize that the ride ends too soon. Like the XBLA/PSN release that came out... Read Review

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The Kombo Videogame News Team 5 Podcast - Gamers Helping Gamers

In the latest episode of the VG News Team 5 podcast we talk about the games we've played in the last seven days: Mafia II Scott Pilgrim After Burner Climax DeathSpank The World Ends with You Madden 11 Kane & Lynch 2 Top Gun Red Dead Redemption Tales of Monkey Island  Then we each pick a story from the previous week that we found interesting. Then in the third segment we have a story about gamers helping other gamers in need. Be sure to stick around until the end.    Download this episode (right click and save)    Read More


Media: After Burner Climax Screens and Info

Those looking forward to SEGA's After Burner Climax for the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade will be happy to know that we've just fueled up our gallery with eight new screens from the upcoming title, courtesy of Andriasang. In addition, they report that the Japanese SEGA website has had some blog posts about the project, including one which reveals that there will unfortunately be no online cooperative play. Following discussions with the original arcade team and other parties, the staff opted to hold off on the feature. A more recent post seems to hint that a release date could be revealed around next week's Xbox 360 Shooting Festa event, where the game will be shown in playable form on four kiosks. Read More


Media: SEGA Reveals After Burner Climax for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network

Back in the 80s, when Top Gun was king and Tom Cruise wasn't best known for being a crazy couch-hopping Scientologist, Yu Suzuki created After Burner for SEGA as one of his first games, and one that would come to help identify the company in those days. Now, SEGA and AM2 are bringing it back on Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network this Spring with After Burner Climax. And to help announce this return, they've released the following trailer: "Its fast and furious stuff," says the SEGA Europe blog, "but built for all skill levels, so you don't have to be called Maverick or Iceman to beat it! Using Climax Mode, players can activate slow motion, which makes avoiding rockets and bullets easier, and increasing accuracy whilst aiming for those harder to hit targets!" They add that the PlayStation Portable game, After Burner: Black Falcon will go to the PSN Store on February 4th. For more After Burner Climax, check out the screens in our gallery below. Read More


After Burner Climax Rated For Sony By Korean Board

A classic flight sim of Sega's might be heading to the PSN soon. After Burner Climax, originally a full-blown arcade game, was recently rated by the OFLC and Korean Game Rating Board for Sony. However, Joystiq points out that a similar game, Outrun Online Arcade, was given a multi-console release, so it's highly possible we'll also see it on the XBLA. Expect more info soon, as Joystiq has contacted Sega about the upcoming game. Read More