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E3 2010: Splatterhouse Hands-On

Namco Bandai's Splatterhouse (based on the 1988 Genesis game) is a title that aims to be over the top to the point that the buckets of blood would make George Romero cringe. Many may know the development history of the game, more particularly the back and forth between Bottle Rocket Studios and the Afro Samurai Team, and through this long journey Splatterhouse was by far one of the least polished titles at E3. Read More


Sonic & Knuckles Composer Addresses Issue of Michael Jackson and Sonic 3

With the SEGA Genesis classic Sonic & Knuckles being released to Xbox LIVE Arcade last week (with lock-on features intact-- sorry, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection owners), GameSetWatch decided to get a hold of one Howard Drossin, who served as SEGA's director of music during the Genesis era, and composed tunes for the game in question. One source of frustration for myself and my Kombodian cohort Matt Green has been the ongoing rumor of Michael Jackson having an involvement in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, with the thought that if no one addresses it before long, then eventually, no one who knows will be around to give us the truth. And even Yuji Naka himself was no help at all. Read More


Rumor: Over, Out, and Back Again: Bottlerocket Devs Return to Splatterhouse

Drama has erupted over the past few months surrounding the development of Namco Bandai's Splatterhouse-- enough so that four out of our six news stories about the game itself have surrounded the issues between the publisher and developer Bottlerocket Entertainment. Now, according to a source of Variety's The Cut Scene blog, it seems that the issues have been resolved, issues which were actually with Bottlerocket's management, or at least Namco Bandai's deal with them. The team which had developed Afro Samurai took over the development chores, but "switching developers is a difficult process since there's no internal memory of why a game is the way it is, what went wrong in the past, and so on. Getting the game out by later this year, as promised, would be difficult." And the solution? Read More


Splatterhouse Pulled from Bottlerocket Because of Performance Issues

In an interview with Gamasutra, Namco Bandai's EVP and COO Makoto Iwai has confirmed that developer Bottlerocket was pulled from the Splatterhouse remake due to issues related to performance. If you can recall, the Internet exploded last month when word got out that Namco Bandai was pulling the game from the San Diego-based developer and handing it over to their newly formed studio Surge, the same team that worked on the very underwhelming Afro Samurai. While Bottlerocket went on to wish Namco Bandai the best, it didn't seem to quell the rage from forum posters that the publisher was evil and out to get the little guy. Hit the jump for Iwai's response. Read More


Splatterhouse Developer Wishes Namco "The Best" After Being Axed

There had been a rumor earlier this week that Namco Bandai had pulled the Splatterhouse project away from California-based BottleRocket Entertainment, showing up at their offices and taking back the dev kits and assets so that they could be passed on to the Afro Samurai team in order to finish the job. Turns out that rumor was indeed true, though the fate of BottleRocket and the placement of the blame is still in question. Read More


Sony Says: "$50 Can Get You Xbox Live, Or..."

Back in early January, Sony began something of a mudslinging campaign against its competitors, accusing them of peddling "add-ons" and attempting to tout the virtues of the PlayStation 3 to all who would listen. Unfortunately for them, it seems most people were not pleased with the tactic. Now they're at it once again, this time targeting one specific aspect of the Xbox 360: The $50 price tag for Xbox Live. Read More


Buy Street Fighter IV at Toys R Us, Get Free Chun Li Statue and Save $25 on Another Game

Nice Chun Li statue, isn't it? According to Cheap Ass Gamer, you can get one of these for free when you buy Street Fighter IV from Toys R Us upon release. Not only that, but you'll save $25 if you buy Call of Duty: World at War, Far Cry 2, Afro Samurai, Shaun White Snowboarding, or 007: Quantum of Solace. Kotaku talks more about the statue here, but before you get your hopes up, I'm quite sure that CAG means that the $10 4" version would be free, not the $100 10" counterpart. Read More


Rumor: Namco Bandai Fires Bottlerocket; Afro Samurai Team to Finish Splatterhouse

Kotaku is reporting a rumor that Bottlerocket, the developers of Splatterhouse for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, have been removed from the job, "dooming the California-based developer." Sources through the San Diego-area dev community - but not with Bottlerocket itself - say Namco showed up Friday and took back the dev kits and all assets for Splatterhouse. Word has it Namco intends to finish it in house with the Afro Samurai team. -- Kotaku If true, that is definitely unfortunate, as it seems that Bottlerocket will have done all the work, but the Afro Samurai team could get all the credit. In the meantime, here's the latest trailer for the title-in-progress, which ironically came out the same day as the above rumor. Read More


Media: Afro Samurai and Body Part Poker (Samuel L. Jackson Yelling)

Body Part Poker looks pretty good. Afro Samurai, for the unknowing crowd, has the voice work of Samuel L. Jackson. This fact alone will probably push enough copies for a sequel. But the gameplay elements have been slowly coming together. It looks more and more involved after every clip I see. Either that or I'm getting used to it. That said, I remain unsold. Sure, I love Samuel L. Jackson just like anyone else, but that didn't make Snakes on a Plane good. Sorry folks, I went there. You're internet phenomenon failed as a movie. Read More


Afro Samurai Ship

SURGE SHIPS AFRO SAMURAI FOR XBOX 360 AND PLAYSTATION 3 SYSTEM Innovative Gameplay, Striking Visuals and World-Class Hollywood Talent Delivers a New Read More


Media: Afro Samurai Fights Strippers! (NSFW)

Boobs below. Afro Samurai takes on some strippers in some random room with a long couch. You'll see nudity and the combat system. Leaving little to be desired. The game's style is pretty cool, although not on par with other cel-shaded titans like the new PoP, Okami or Windwaker. But the combat... yuck. I'm still interested, because it combines things I love. No, not fighting and breasts... Samuel L. Jackson and Afros. What do you take me for? Plus, they've still got time to tweak the combat system. Read More


Media: Opening Cinematic for Afro Samurai

61 seconds of opening cinematic action straight from Samuel L Jackson's presence in the title = awesome. Samuel L Jackson's less than perfect pronunciation of 'samurai' = awkward. To each his own. I'm the type that gets, perhaps unnecessarily, upset about mispronunciations. The game is stylized, and I'm interested. Definitely hitting my GameFly subscription on this. Read More