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Developer Interview: DJ Hero 2 Music Director

I recently had a chance to sit down with a couple of members of Freestyle games to talk DJ Hero 2 at an event held in San Francisco. The first on the list is Dan, and from him you’ll find info on what it was like creating the game, along with a couple of his favourite additions and songs in it. Read More


DJ Hero 2 Set List

The final track list has been announced, and it boasts 85 completely original mixes that can’t be heard anywhere else. Not only did Freestyle games get access to some of the top DJ’s mixes, but all of these mixes are comprised of hit songs... some of which haven’t even left radio play yet because they’re still new. These are songs that you absolutely need to experience, and fans of the genre (and even those who aren’t) will find that there is no better video game soundtrack in existence. Hit the break below to see what’s playable when DJ Hero 2 arrives this fall, and be prepared for an audiophiles dream come true. Read More


Call of Duty Classic Tops the PSN Downloads Chart

As you may or may not know the latest PlayStation Store update gave us all a list of the top 20 downloads. The list at this point in time is quite colorful with a nice array of games, including a lot of PSP titles. LittleBigPlanet PSP tops all of the other PSP games on the list, good job sackboy! It seems Call of Duty classic is quite popular with PlayStation users, since the games release on December 3rd it has skyrocketed its way to the top of the list, I'm sure a lot of those downloads were from people who bought the hardened or prestige editions of Modern Warfare 2. Nonetheless it is pretty cool to see such a classic game getting huge attention in this day and age. It goes to show you that gameplay > graphics! Hit the break to see this weeks top 20 downloads Read More


Full Tracklist for DJ Hero Revealed

Activision has officially unveiled the entire tracklist for the highly-anticipated DJ Hero, topping out at a stunning 93 mashups, made up of 100 unique songs, to mix and scratch to one's heart's content. Each track is a mashup of two popular songs, and features such notables as "Technologic" vs. Gary Numan - "Cars" by Daft Punk, Gorillaz - "Feel Good Inc." vs. Blondie - "Atomic", and JAY-Z - "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" vs. Eminem - "My Name Is". But for my money, no song is more anticipated for me than Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby" vs. MC Hammer - "U Can't Touch This". Seriously, you can just smell the parachute pants. Full list after the cut. Read More


Afrika - PS3 - Preview

When a game arrives in the mail bearing the name of Afrika, there is both excitement and trepidation in this household. Why? There is a deep love amo Read More


Afrika is US Bound

I made fun of this game back when it was being advertised for sale in Japan. I was younger then, more foolish and arrogant. I'm still foolish and arrogant, actually, but at least now I'm excited about Rhino Studios' Afrika. Afrika saw its Japanese release in August of last year. The title pits players in the African wilderness. No, not to hunt lions or girl zombified-natives. Instead, the game sets up a world for you to photograph. Afrika boasts incredible animal mechanics, A.I. and models. That's its claim to fame, so to speak... Afrika is coming to America. Natsume is the publisher bringing the title stateside. You know them from the Harvest Moon series. No release dates have been set just yet, and there's no word on a fully international release schedule either. We'll be sure to grab that information as it becomes available. Hit the break for the trailer that changed my mind about Afrika. It's not new, but it's still epic. Read More