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Play as your favorite Adventure Time characters and battle it out in an experiance wothy of the algebraic title!

Adventure Time: Battle Party Review

So the other day I tried out the new MOBA by Cartoon Network, Adventure Time: Battle Party. Then I um, played it the following day. Maybe I even played it at home with two friends – it’s all been a blur recently. To put it quite bluntly, the game is a very simplified MOBA, and is pretty damn fun. I know what you’re thinking. Andrew-bro, that game is designed for like nine year olds. To this I’d respond with something clever along the lines of “you’re designed for nine year olds!” The stripped down simplicity of the game undeniably allows a younger crowd to actually play a game in the MOBA genre. On top of that, the game has no form of cross-team chat. Since you start with all the characters, get a ton of coins from doing the tutorial, and... Read Review

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    Lance Liebl Aug 1, 2012