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The sequel to the massively acclaimed Sega Saturn classic, Advance Guardian Heroes is a scrolling fighter videogame featuring over 20 controllable characters, more than 160 powerful moves to master, and many incredible multiplayer scenarios. Gamers will play as one of three brand-new characters in an action-packed story of courage and sacrifice, upgrading and improving their powers as they progress.

Advance Guardian HeroesA Review

For the longest time, Treasure has been a studio that has earned quite a following with its fans.  It’s worked on a number of classic games over the years, including Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga, and Radiant Silvergun, among others.  Lately, this love has spread over to a more wide-stream audience, as these games have gotten a release on Xbox Live Arcade.  The most recent is Silvergun, which remains as challenging as ever.  Leave it to Sega to offer the latest digital embrace with Guardian Heroes, a game that, until now, had been limited to entertaining players on the Sega Saturn.  Now they can re-experience this magical RPG/action title without breaking the bank – it goes for a very reasonable 800 Microsoft points. The game focuses on a group... Read Review

Advance Guardian HeroesA Cheats

Unlockable Maps:

Vs. & Training maps are unlocked by beating thr game on Super Hard difficulty.

Unlockable Features:

Endless Mode Finish the game on Hard difficulty.
New Characters (Monsters and Allies) Finish Time Attack mode multiple times to unlock new characters or donate gems in story mode to the laboratory.
Time Attack Mode Finish the game on Normal difficulty.


Hold X + B + Z + Down in the options screen. Each option will begin cycling. Press C when the "Exit" option is highlighted. Enter the DIP switch screen and select the debug option.
Enable the "Debug" code. Start the game and pick Han, then play until you encounter the first robot. Hold R and press Start to skip to the next scene. Your character will have the Firesword and the undead hero will be with you.
Begin a game on easy difficulty, then press Reset. Return to the Options menu and select any difficulty level to begin another game with 99 continues.
Enable the 99 Continues code, then press Reset during game play. The Experience menu will appear at the cost of one continue.
The arena is accessible in stages 3, 5, and 12 in story mode. Kill all the enemies on those stages (including the hidden plants and dysfunctional robot on stage 3). Then, move to the back of the screen (the third row) and stand in front of the wooden sign. Your character will be transported to the arena where multiple battles can be fought for experience.
Enter the options menu and press A + Y + C. Enter the set up screen, which is the first item on the options menu. A new debug option is now at the end of the set up screen list.
In story mode: Start at level 200 Stage select Maximum or zero life (Pause the game and hold X + Y + Z. Press Up for maximum life or Down for zero life.) Move to different battle scenes: Press R + Start to skip forward one scene. Press R + A + Start to skip forward two scenes. Press R + B + Start to skip forward three scenes. Press R + C + Start to skip forward four scenes. Press L + R + Start to move back one scene. Press L + R + A + Start to move back two scenes. Press L + R + B + Start to move back three scenes. Press L + R + C + Start to move back four scenes. Additional debug options include: Play all 45 characters in Vs. battle mode. Maximize your character's power. Choose which stage to begin in story mode. Watch the different endings by selecting the test mode selection from the options menu. Enable the "Enemy Level Disp." selection from the options menu to view the experience levels of all enemies in story mode. Enable the "Next Exp. Disp." selection from the options menu to view how many experience points are needed to reach the next level. Enable the Debug code and the "Next Exp. Disp." selection from the options menu to view the current amount of karma points in story mode. Collision boxes: Enter the Debug code, and pause the game. Press L + Y + R and resume game play. Collision boxes will appear around your character. Repeat the code again for 3D collision boxes. Repeating the code again will return to normal mode. Blue box = normal Green box = defending Red box = attacking. Blue + Blue = No movement Blue + Green = No movement Green + Green = No movement Blue + Red = Damage to Blue Red + Green = Green defends with the Red Red + Red = Weapon clash Quick text: Press R to skip to the end of the text displays.