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The sequel to the massively acclaimed Sega Saturn classic, Advance Guardian Heroes is a scrolling fighter videogame featuring over 20 controllable characters, more than 160 powerful moves to master, and many incredible multiplayer scenarios. Gamers will play as one of three brand-new characters in an action-packed story of courage and sacrifice, upgrading and improving their powers as they progress.

Advance Guardian HeroesA Review

For the longest time, Treasure has been a studio that has earned quite a following with its fans.  It’s worked on a number of classic games over the years, including Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga, and Radiant Silvergun, among others.  Lately, this love has spread over to a more wide-stream audience, as these games have gotten a release on Xbox Live Arcade.  The most recent is Silvergun, which remains as challenging as ever.  Leave it to Sega to offer the latest digital embrace with Guardian Heroes, a game that, until now, had been limited to entertaining players on the Sega Saturn.  Now they can re-experience this magical RPG/action title without breaking the bank – it goes for a very reasonable 800 Microsoft points. The game focuses on a group... Read Review

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    Guardian Heroes Review

    Robert Workman Oct 13, 2011