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It’s time to explore with Active Life Explorer, the latest game in the ACTIVE LIFE series. Get up off the couch into the action in this all new Active Life experience. Take on a bold new adventure and use the Wii Remote and the ACTIVE LIFE Mat Controller to take on the role of a treasure hunter and explore exotic locales. Stop a getaway train, catch a bandit on horseback, run across a falling bridge, explore a dark mine cart, and more! Active Life Explorer is a fun way to get everyone active and their hearts pumping!

Active Life Explorer Review

Active Life Explorer is yet another iteration in the Active Life series that encourages kids to get off the couch, and get active. Utilizing a mat controller that mimics the old Power Pad for the NES, players will run, step and jump their way across a myriad of challenges that will have them sweating before they know it.Though the adventure is presented as a series of mini-games, it does incorporate a storyline that works, for the most part, if only to get you from challenge to challenge. You're a young and eager explorer (girl or boy) in search of immense treasure as you scour the world map and complete dangerous tasks. All of these challenges utilize the mat controller in a unique way. Running has you alternately steps on the two center buttons as fast as possible, jumping is as easy... Read Review

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