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It's Action Man the ultimate 'Action Hero'. See him come to life on your PlayStation game console in this fantastic, fast-paced adventure of thrills, spills and edge-of-your-seat excitement. From scorching desert sands to the bitter cold of the North Pole it's up to you and Action Man to stop Doctor X from taking over the world.

Action Man Review

Wherever evil lurks...wherever dastardly plans are being made...wherever danger waits around every corner...this is where you will find Action Man!  You've seen his exciting, daring escapades on TV!  Now it is time to bring him to life on your very own computer!  Are you brave enough to take on the world's most fiendish villains as Action Man?  Yes!  You must!  Action Man Rules!  He is...The Greatest Hero Of Them All! In Action Man: Raid on Island X, you will pit the skills of Action Man against the diabolical Dr. X and his minions.  Spies have told you that Dr. X and some of his gang have established several secret bases in locations around the globe.  They are trying... Read Review

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    jkdmedia Dec 18, 2000