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An unprecedented blend of real-life heroism and original filmmaking, Act of Valor stars a group of active-duty U.S. Navy SEALs in a film like no other in Hollywood's history. A fictionalized account of real life Navy SEAL operations, Act of Valor features a gripping story that takes audiences on an adrenaline-fueled, edge-of-their-seat journey. When a mission to recover a kidnapped CIA operative unexpectedly results in the discovery of an imminent, terrifying global threat, an elite team of highly trained Navy SEALs must immediately embark on a heart-stopping secret operation, the outcome of which will determine the fate of us all. Act of Valor combines stunning combat sequences, up-to-the-minute battlefield technology, and heart-pumping emotion for the ultimate action adventure film-showcasing the skills, training and tenacity of the greatest action heroes of them all: real Navy SEALs.

Act of Valor (2012) Review

Act of Valor, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor — the title of this film is no accident. It is a laser-guided missile aimed straight at fans of modern warfare first-person shooters. It flaunts its cast of real, active-duty Navy SEALs and missions based on the real thing, but when the camera jumps to the all-too familiar first-person view of a holographic scope, all I thought about were video games. The film follows a team of SEALs as they unravel a terrorist plot to cross the Mexican border and attack major cities in the United States. In the build-up to this ultimate goal, we are taken on a globe-trotting journey, bouncing between SEALs on various missions and the terrorists plotting their next moves. As we jump to each new destination, a flashy overlay points out coordinates... Read Review

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