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A 2D sidescroller without a linear path.  An action game with tactical combat and citybuilding. An adventure game that lets you free-roam a vast, procedurally-generated world.  A Valley Without Wind defies genre stereotypes.        

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Games that fall under the platform-adventure sub-genre usually provide gamers with a sense of freedom. Players are able to explore environments, and while saying that these games are open world may be a stretch, there's certainly a noticeable level of openness in most "Metroidvania" titles. A Valley Without Wind looks to expand upon that open nature by actually providing what is, in essence, a fully open world for players to explore, and for the most part, the game succeeds in delivering a worthwhile adventure. You play as the glyphbearers, a group of heroes who must rebuild the land of Environ. The world is a messed up place, with different eras spilling into each other (you'll find robots in lands that are obviously countless centuries in the past), and an... Read Review

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