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  If the title wasn't confusing enough, this game deserves an award for the most awkwardly translated English in the history of downloadable titles. Video inside. Read More


SouthPeak Brings the Blood Ball to Xbox 360 and PSP

Have you ever been playing Madden and thought it needed more elves, orcs, and/or dwarves. Well, SouthPeak Interactive is bringing the PC downloadable darling to the Xbox 360 next month, as well as giving the game a release on PSP this Spring. The game features your favorite fantasy races putting down their swords and battle axes and picking up the pigskin for a good ol' smackdown. However, expect a far more arcade version of the game, with RPG leveling, magic casting, and of course, tons of hacking and slashing. You can call this real fantasy football, pun fully intended. Read More