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The Boy from the original Blob Adventure is now 16 years old, into pop music and still into jellybeans. He still recalls the day six years ago that Blobert burst onto the scene and thrust him into a great adventure. But nobody ever believed his stories of defeating the Evil Emperor and saving Blobolonia, so he has moved on with his life. His plan to forget about the past are put on hold when one day, a spaceship crash lands and Blobert emerges, having returned to Earth to warn everyone that the Evil Emperor of Blobolonia has been in exile on Earth, of all places, building strength. He plans to enslave the population for some evil purpose and only the boy and Blobert can stop him.

A Boy and his Blob - NDS Cheats

Hint: Cherries

Unlock Nintendo DS
Shoot the cherries that fall with the Vita-Blaster and vitamin C.

Hint: Easy Blobolonia Cornfield

Unlock Nintendo DS
Start running and throw the coconut approximately one screen before the start of the cornfields to transform Blobert into a coconut that will roll through and smash the kernals.

Unlimited Jellybeans

Unlock Nintendo DS
Use the honey jellybean over fifty times.