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Rumor: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Now Being Published by THQ?

According to the Australian Classification Board, it looks like THQ has picked up the rights to publish 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. The game was one of the titles that Activision tossed aside when it reshuffled it's priorities back in July of this year and ever since then has been shopped around to potential publishers. No official word has been released so we'll stamp this with a rumor tag and leave it at that until we hear something a little more concrete. I don't know why but I'm kind of excited about this game. Yeah, the first 50 Cent game was absolute garbage, but from early impressions, people seemed to think that Blood on the Sand would be pretty decent. If you know nothing about the game, check out the trailer from this year's E3 below. Looks pretty good doesn't it? Read More


50 Cent: Blood in the Sand Not Canned; Lookin' for a New 'Hood

Well, this has been an interesting little ride. Earlier today, Kotaku reported the rumor that 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand was dead in the water. But then...We Got it Wrong, Wrong, Wrong: Turns out that our internal sources were slightly confused and despite our best efforts we got it wrong. While I'm still waiting for some sort of official word from the companies involved, this is what we've heard: While 50-Cent: Blood on the Sand was indeed jettisoned by Activision, the project isn't dead. In fact we're told that it is approaching gold and that a deal, perhaps with THQ as publisher, is in the wings. -- KotakuThen they got word back from Activision, who said:"We have a policy of not commenting on rumors. I can tell you that we announced back in July that we are retaining only those franchises that are a strong fit with our long-term strategy - - Crash Bandicoot, Ice Age, Spyro, Protoype and an unannounced new IP. We will not publish other titles that previously were part of the Vivendi Games portfolio and are currently reviewing our options regarding these titles." -- Faceless Rep who isn't 50 CentSo, the long story short is, this game's basically gone Ghostbusters on us. Except that people are still eager for Ghostbusters. Read More


Mark Rein "Blown Away" by 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

We know you love you some 50 Cent, and you've already pre-ordered 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. You're impressed, and you simply can't hide it. It's cool. We ain't makin' fun of you. But it's okay, because Epic VP Mark Rein is equally impressed. A year ago, he told CVG that he was "blown away" by a certain Unreal Engine 3-using game, which turns out to be the new 50 Cent game. The game's director, Julian Widdows, recounts what it was like showing the game to Epic's vice president for the first time. "When we heard he was coming we were like 'oh no, we're gonna get killed!' But he was over the moon, we're chuffed about it." "We're obviously an Unreal Engine 3 licensee and he just came in for a visit and said 'oh my god, I can't believe you're working on this, it looks phenomenal'. That was it; it wasn't anything particularly formal, he came in to say hello to his licensees and was blown away by it. That was great for us." Rein's exact words a year ago, when speaking to CVG? "It's fantastic. I was blown away and I said to them, 'wow, you've got a really great team there.'" Read More


50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Coming to PS3 and Xbox 360

What do 50 Cent and The Simpsons have in common? No matter what anybody says about the last one, they'll still just keep on making games. And so it is that we find ourselves faced with the impending arrival of another game starring 50 Cent, but this time, the Producer is promising it'll be better than before: "Once we get the game out there ... I think people will realize right away where our focus for the sequel is," Vivendi Games producer Aaron Blean told MTV News. "We've emphasized the gameplay quality [more] than anything this time around. We can't wait to show the game around." Regarding the setting this title will be set in, "I would say it's inspired by 'Three Kings' meets 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,'" Blean said. "It's definitely a crime story." Read More