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FIFA 11's Personality+ Will Affect Goalkeepers, Too

Our FIFA 11 blowout continues today with more information from the fact sheet EA Sports and EA Canada sent over on Friday. EA tantalizingly revealed a huge number of details on Personality+, and improved goalkeeper awareness (which we already had a preview of in 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Personality+ will dictate how goalkeepers play, and one thing's guaranteed - they will be much less susceptible to the dreaded lob shot. Read More


FIFA 11's Career Modes Getting Serious Boost

The team at EA Sports released 5 new screenshots for FIFA 11 on Friday, and boy do they look sweet. They showcase Inter Milan, Chelsea, Arsenal, and FC Barcelona in high-detail, new-kit, glory. In addition, the team at EA Sports delivered a fact sheet with lots of great information about the games career modes, and frankly, some of it has this stick jockey downright excited. Read More


Red Dead Redemption Facing Severe Shortage in UK

Red Dead Redemption fever doesn't sound so good, but is it real? Well, yes. It seems an epidemic is brewing. Gamasutra announced today that Red Dead Redemption is on top of North American charts and UK charts as well. But, Red Dead Redemption isn't just a hot seller, it is apparently selling so feverishly that many UK game stores (and apparently Irish, as well, despite the town drunk named Irish offending a certain newspaper) are completely sold out. A report earlier today on MCV UK indicates that the Rockstar-developed title won't be available in some stores throughout the weekend, and that other stores are critically low on supplies. Why is it that retailers are so low on supplies? It seems they didn't expect Red Dead Redemption to be the hit it's quickly becoming? And could a sunken ship be involved? Hit the break for all the information you can handle. Read More