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Jim Hawkins, the world-renowned archaeologist, has gone missing while exploring the frozen reaches of Antarctica. Before his disappearance, he entrusted his son Aban with a map to the long forgotten ruins of Ukampa Temple in South America, along with a letter warning that death waits behind its every corner.

1001 Spikes Review

It's hardly a surprise that 1001 Spikes is an incredibly difficult, yet rewarding title when taking into account it's published by Nicalis, a company that has games like Cave Story, The Binding of Issac and VVVVVV under its belt. Where VVVVVV was a throwback to the aeshtetics of the Commodore, 1001 Spikes is certainly an homage to difficult games from the NES era. If someone watched me play this game without seeing the controller, they could have easily assumed I was playing an NES game. 1001 Spikes puts you in the very small, 8-bit shoes of Aban Hawkins, an unfortunately named son of a famous adventurer who sets out on quest to find his father, who was lost to ancient ruins. Even though the story is certainly secondary in 1001 Spikes, I did very much enjoy the NES style... Read Review

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