Train of Afterlife Demo

A mystery, psychological, horror Visual Novel, where you embark on your final stage of life and see what's waiting for you at the end of your journey

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Train of Afterlife Demo

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Train of Afterlife Demo
Download Lance Liebl
January 18, 2012

Description of Train of Afterlife Demo

You are riding on a train without a name, memory, or your own body. Along with you are five other passengers who will share their thoughts and various tales of their past life before reaching their destination. One of them is clearly different from the rest, as he or she is closely tied to your past - a past that will greatly change your destination. As you embark for the final stage of your life, what will you discover? What is waiting for you at the end of your journey? A mystery, psychological, horror Visual Novel.

Free to play up to the third hour. Full version has 9 endings, 1 side story, and an extra gallery.

Controls: ENTER: Start Game END: Quit Game DOWN: Next Dialogue UP: Previous Dialogue Z: Open or Close STATUS X: Open or Close HELPS

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