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Download the classic Theme Hospital demo for a blast of nostalgic gameplay.

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Demo: Theme Hospital Demo
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Theme Hospital Demo
Luffyicon Mike Splechta
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August 11, 2010

Description of Theme Hospital Demo

Amusing animation and cheerful tunes combined with excellent gameplay make this hospital simulator one of the better economic strategy games on the market. Created in the late 1990s, this game is still visually pleasing. Patients at your hospital have goofy diseases such as "Bloaty Head," "Slick Tongue," or "Invisibility." Your overall goal is to build new rooms, furnish them with equipment, hire and train staff, manage hospital prices, and sometimes even decide if your doctor should trust a supposed diagnosis and attempt a risky treatment--with the possibility of a patient's death--or just send the patient to another hospital. Be prepared to watch how your staff will cure these ailments: they may simply replace the overblown head with a normal one using a special deflation machine; they may cut the long tongue; or the invisible patient will drink a violet potion at your pharmacy to become visible.
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