Knight Online Client Updated

A massively-multiplayer online game set in the feudal lands of Old England.

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MMO Client: Knight Online Client Updated
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Knight Online Client Updated
Luffyicon Mike Splechta
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MMO Client
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486 MB
March 28, 2011

Description of Knight Online Client Updated

Knight Online World thrusts players into a relentless world with the most hardcore PvP environment in the MMORPG genre. After choosing a nation, the player takes part in the epic war between the noble kingdom of El Morad and the monstrous Karus, fighting for glory in an endless stream of battles. Form clans, become Knights, master combat abilities, and even become King of the Nation. Knight Online delivers a gritty world of combat and strife with regular updates to content in the form of patches and expansions, growing the conflict all the time! Click HERE to register for your FREE account!
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