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Crazy Tao is a MMORPG, developed by TQ Digital Entertainment. It is based on the rich and exciting culture and history within China.

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Crazy Tao Online Client
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June 24, 2010

Description of Crazy Tao Online Client

Crazy Tao is a MMORPG, developed by TQ Digital Entertainment. It is based on the rich and exciting culture and history within China. In the world of Crazy Tao, you can experience romantic love, adopt and raise fascinating pets, and transport yourself into the uniquely mystical world of Taoism. There is a myriad of various characters ranging from cuddly rabbits with floppy, flying ears to angry monsters. These cute characters wield numerous weapons making friends and defeating enemies in a moving story about occult Taoism, mystic magic and Chinese Kungfu. You will feel the power and magic that embodies Chinese civilization while playing Crazy Tao. Legend of Crazy Tao In ancient times, people lived in another world outside Crazy Tao World. The cruel King released the monsters that had previously been sealed for thousands of years and became the feared "Deathless Demon". Together, these evil creatures destroyed the once happy world existing before the Crazy Tao. Searching for a better world the remaining people, guided by the wisdom of Taoists, found a Time Crack, and reached this legendary world of bliss. People and the King of Animals reached a consensus that they would live peacefully with each other in this new world and begin their harmonious existence in the Crazy Tao World. However, after many years, the "Deathless Demon" and his minions found that the Time Crack had reopened and found their way into the world of Crazy Tao. In a fight to preserve the Crazy Tao World, both the kindhearted "King of Animals" and the "Deathless Demon", perished forever. People fostered the children of the King, and they became the pets of the people. But the war between Justice and Evil had just begun. The surviving monsters were lurking in the Crazy Tao World and now the ongoing war for peace continues on. Classes Currently, there are two classes within the Crazy Tao World: Hero and Shaman. Heroes are masters of hand to hand combat and are familiar with every weapon. They are strong and vigorous opponents. These industrious warriors provide a sense of security and are quite reliable to those with whom they have befriended. Shamans are indifferent to fame and wealth, but posses the ability to wield magic. They isolate themselves from the world, opting instead to devote themselves to a chaste life researching the various mysteries of the ancient arts. They are proficient with the Magic staff and the master Shamans can utilize anything to their advantage. To these lucky few, even a piece of straw, can become an invincible weapon. Pet Pets within the Crazy Tao World are the closest friends of the people. They all have individual skills and remarkable abilities unique to each one. Despite their alliance with the people they are temperamental and can be difficult to domesticate. Some pets have even turned to the dark side and become puppets of the monsters themselves. But a bond remains between the people and their pets and once their trust is won they will be your most reliable of friends and protect you with unwavering devotion. All the pets have very different characteristics and temperaments. According to these characteristics, people can utilize the pets expertise when they fight with the monsters. New abilities are discovered and unleashed upon the monsters as you work in tandem with your pets. After forging a meaningful friendship, pets and their masters will fight alongside one another enhancing each others strength and devotion. Additionally, through the use of magic crystals, new powerful pets are born creating a myriad of new friendships and possibilities. When the "King of Animals" died, each Taoist promised that they would protect the peaceful world of Crazy Tao. Together with their pets, the people of Crazy Tao World will try their best to defeat the evil monsters and live in harmony with the animals forever.
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