Cities in Motion demo

Containing the tutorial mode from the game, the Cities in Motion playable demo covers one in-game year and gives players a tantalizing taste of the fun and addictive game play they can expect from the full release.

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Demo: Cities in Motion demo

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Cities in Motion demo
Large-avatar-default Brandon Kelsey
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July 25, 2012

Description of Cities in Motion demo

Developed by Colossal Order Ltd, Cities in Motion sees players develop and operate their own public transport company building a travel network across Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin, and Amsterdam using more than 30 different modes of transport including buses, trams, subway trains and water buses. As each city develops and grows the player must continue to meet the ever changing transport needs of its commuters, while at the same time ensuring it remains as profitable as possible.Featuring an in-depth campaign mode made up of 12 scenarios along with an open ended sandbox mode, an advanced map editor that allows players to create their own cities, plus much more, Cities in Motion will challenge players to create the perfect public transport system that has no cancellations, no delays and where the passengers are always happy!

Over 100 unique buildings
Advanced economy simulation including contractor deals, banking, insurance and fluctuating economic trends
Play through 100 years of transportation history across four eras between 1920 and 2020
Choose between over 30 different vehicles based on real-life models including buses, trams, water buses, helicopters and a subway system with underground view
Real-time city and traffic simulation as people commute between their homes, workplace and social lives.
Three difficulty levels - easy, medium and hard

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