Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble is a highly addictive flash game where you shoot ropes to pop bubbles.

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Bubble Trouble

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Bubble Trouble
Download Lance Liebl
January 26, 2012

Description of Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble (also know as Bubble Struggle) is a highly addictive flash game where you struggle to handle a lot of bubble trouble. You play as a little red devil avatar who needs to fire his chain at bubbles and destroy them. In bubble trouble the bubbles start out large and as you break them they turn into smaller and smaller bubbles until they are small enough to be completely destroyed. Bubble Trouble is a very intuitive game that anyone can play and understand quickly. As the levels in Bubble Trouble increase so does the amount and size of bubbles. Before you know it you will be struggling to handle all the bubble trouble that your little devil can handle.

Bubble Trouble can be played in either single player mode or double player mode. You control the bubble trouble avatar by using the arrow keys for direction, and the space bar to fire off your chain weapon. The weapon only shoots in an upward direction. Once fired if any of hte troubling bubbles hits the chain, that bubble will be broken down into two smaller bubbles or if its small enough it will completely disappear. Bubble Trouble is a flash based game, and uses flash technology. You can play bubble trouble on any computer that uses flash. Bubble trouble can be played alone with out any internet connection, and bubble trouble is suitable for all ages.

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