Auto Looter Skyrim mod

A Skyrim mod that auto loots gold and items from bodies to your inventory

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Auto Looter Skyrim mod

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Auto Looter Skyrim mod
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January 20, 2012

Description of Auto Looter Skyrim mod

by Eldiran

Don't waste time with fallen Draugr or Bandits anymore -- now you can just stand in front of their body, and all their gold, jewelry, gems, metals, arrows, and ingredients will be automagically transferred to you.

You will be notified of any gold you acquire, and if other kinds of items are taken it will display "Item(s) looted" in the corner.

This works for all fallen corpses of any kind, except certain mummified pre-placed Draugr.

Note: the only jewelry looted by this mod is the generic kind. Enchanted or unique jewelry is not. Items that are added by mods are not auto-looted.

Requires Script Dragon, found here:

1. Install Script Dragon from the above link.
2. Place autoLooter.asi into the skyrim/asi folder. If you don't have one, make one.

Delete autoLooter.asi.

Thanks to Alexander Blade for Script Dragon.

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